Sunday, 23 December 2018 12:00

Introducing Birchwood and Blackheath...

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The elves have been busy at Stool Central putting the finishing touches to our new batch of stools. They feature two stunning new plywood finishes, blond and black. Here’s a sneak preview….

The Birchwood and Blackheath join the Hornsey in the Giggy & Bab range of retro step stools. The snaps below were taken recently at our suppliers, where production is ongoing. Please click on individual thumbnails to enlarge.

Birchwood stools are fitted with our standard furniture grade birch plywood, but clear lacquered to show off the beautiful tone of this blond wood. It is available with the pastel and black frames. Seen below in its duck egg and mint green incarnations.

The Blackheath is fitted with black stained plywood, and is available with all ten frame colours as it looks gorgeous on both the brights and the pastels, I’m sure you’ll agree. And of course black.

Click on a photo below to enlarge, and click on arrows to scroll through photos.


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