Friday, 26 January 2018 14:16

Monochrome Hornsey is wintry hit

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Customers in January are embracing winter, largely shunning brighter stools in favour of the black Hornsey, with its frame the colour of a raven’s wing and its feet as white as snow.

The monochrome classic has sold twice as many in 2018 as its closest rivals: cream, duck egg and teal. The other six colours are hot on their heels, with the exception of “nul points” so far for pale grey and red. They will bounce back I’m sure, if last year’s figures are anything to go by.

In other news, Giggy & Bab is now officially a UK exporter. I am delighted to report that there are now Hornsey stools in the United States of America and Switzerland, with more exports in the pipeline.

Talking of which, one black Hornsey has taken up residence in Santa Monica, in sunny California. All right for some.

Meanwhile, here in Blighty, ’tis the season for making marmalade…

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